Club based Jeannie Box Leagues

Imagine having a PA to organise your tennis life.

Tennis Jeannie is your cyber PA; let Jeannie help you arrange your matches leaving you to enjoy your tennis.

Box Leagues

Playing box league tennis is great fun and it will help you improve your game.

However arranging matches, especially doubles matches,can be difficult and time consuming.

Let Jeannie arrange your matches for you.

How Jeannie Helps

You tell Jeannie when you are available to play.

Since Jeannie knows the availability of the other players in your box she is able to help you arrange your matches.

Jeannie manages match invites, responses and the communication flow between players.

Take the Tour

How to Arrange-a-Game


You tell Jeannie who you want to play and she will finda mutually convenient date and time for the match.

Broadcast Match Invite (BMI)

You tell Jeannie when you want to play and she will find you an opponent.

Ask your club to set up a Jeannie Box League

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