Let Jeannie arrange your social tennis programme
  • Got a court but no one to play?
  • Short of a 4th player for a doubles game?
  • Need a hitting buddy for a serious workout?

Build a Partner List

Find-a-Partner is only available within club environments.

Your contact details are only shared with those players who you accept on to your Partner List.

Jeannie will help you find players who meet the criteria you define.

You can also search for players by name.

Search for players based on:

  • Playing standard
  • Age-range
  • Game preference
  • General availabiity


Tell Jeannie what type of game you wish to play (singles; doubles or mixed) and when you want to play.

Jeannie will take care of the rest.

You define:

  • Game type
  • Date and time

Jeannie finds you a partner and manages the match scheduling.

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