Jeannie Ratings Boxes for Senior Players

Are you age 21 or over?

Want to play competitive Tennis Singles?

Want to challenge your tennis game against players from neighbouring clubs?

Want to improve your LTA Rating?

Jeannie Ratings Boxes are open to Senior tennis players within a defined geographic area.

You do not need to be a member of a tennis club to play Jeannie Ratings Boxes. Matches can be played in parks of indoor pay and play centres.

Join a Tennis Jeannie Virtual Club near you by clicking Find-a-Club

Competitive Singles

Register with your local Tennis Jeannie Virtual Club and join a Jeannie Ratings Box League.

Inititally players are allocated to boxes based on player LTA Rating. There after players are promoted or relegated based on final league positions.

Meet new players

Besides enjoying a good game, players competing in Jeannie Ratings Boxes also appreciate the social aspects of meeting new players.

Jeannie Box League Seasons are designed to coincide with the LTA Ratings Seasons.

There are 4 seasons per year:

Apple (Sept - Dec)

Tangerine (Jan - Mar)

Grape (April - June)

Strawberry (July - Aug)


Develop your
LTA Rating

Monitor your progress as a player by taking out an LTA Rating. Players improve their rating by playing and winning matches.

As an senior player you need to win 3 qualifying matches and to have a win / loss ratio of 60% or better to progress to the next Ratings level.

A Qualifying Win is a win against a player of the same rating or higher. 

How to join a Jeannie Ratings Box League

To join a Jeannie Ratings Box you first must Register with a Tennis Jeannie Virtual Club.

Click Find-a-Club to select a Tennis Jeannie Virtual Club near you.

Once registered logon with your chosen username and password then click the click [Leagues] and select [Entry Forms].

If the tournament is not accepting entries click Contact Us and send a message to Jeannie Support who may be able to slot you into an existing box.

Do not have an LTA Rating?

If you do not have a Rating or you wish to know more about the LTA Rating scheme click AEGON British Tennis Ratings

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