The Tennis Jeannie Box League Manager makes it
easy for clubs to create a thriving box league programme

Box League Manager

Simple point and click tools make managing a club box league very easy

Tournament Format

Tennis Jeannie supports singles, doubles and mixed doubles box leagues.

Tennis Jeannie supports all box league formats:

  • 3 sets
  • 2 sets and a championship tiebreak
  • 1 super set based on the first to "n" games
  • 1 super set based on the best of "n" games

Points are allocated for playing matches, winning games, winning sets and winning matches. Separate points can be awarded for walk-over claims.

Tournaments can be configured as Grand Prix Box League tournaments where the results from multiple tournament events (singles, doubles ormixed doubles) are accumulated to yield an overall Grand Prix winner.

Grand Prix Box League tournaments are an excellent member retention tool.

Alternatively tournaments can be configured as simple player ranking box leagues.

Player Registration

Players self register at the Tennis Jeannie website.

Having registered players are responsible for maintaining their own contact details on their password protected user account.

Player contact details are only shared with other players in the same box for the duration of the box league round. Players' email addresses are never disclosed.

Tournament entry

Players are able to enter Tennis Jeannie box league tournaments online.

Tennis Jeannie is also able to collect entry fee payments usingcard payment services provided by the Sage Pay payment gateway and Barclays Merchant Services.

Print fixture list

Once a box league tournament round has been put live players can view their fixture list online and use the Tennis Jeannie Player Tools to contact opponents and arrange matches.

Players can also download a hard copy of their fixture list which includes opponent contact telephone numbers.

The Box League Administrator can bulk print fixture lists for manual distribution to club members.

Match results and league tables

Players enter their own match results online relieving the Box League Administrator from the error prone, and time consuming task, of manually entering match scores on to a spreadsheet.

Online league tables are updated instantly.


There is a comprehensive portfolio of Tennis Jeannie reports that enable the Box League Administor to manage a club box league programme including noticeboard display reports.

The onscreen dashboard enables the Box League Administrator to monitor progress and expedite should players fall behind the timeline.

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