Tennis Jeannie is your PA, tell Jeannie when you want to play
so that Jeannie is able to organise your matches

Arrange a Box League Match

Tennis Jeannie has a comprehensive tool kit to help players arrange matches.


Tennis Jeannie maintains a diary for each player so that players are able to publish their availability to play box league tennis matches online.

Additionally, since Jeannie knows when players are available she is able to arrange your matches on dates and at times that are mutually convenient.

Setup a match

Players can either ask Jeannie to find a mutually convenient date for a match against a named opponent OR a player can specify a date and time when they would like to play and ask Jeanie to find an opponent.

Compare Diaries

The player nominates an opponent and Tennis Jeannie finds a mutually convenient date and time for a box league match.

Broadcast Match Invite

The player nominates the date and time when they would like to play and Tennis Jeannie finds the player an opponent for a box league match.

Mail service

Players communicate via the Tennis Jeannie Mail Service without ever having to reveal their email address. Match invites and messages are delivered to the appropriate player's Tennis Jeannie Inbox. Jeannie then sends the player a You Have Mail email; clicking the embedded [Get Mail] buttontakes the player directly to their Inbox without having to logon.

Fixture list and contact details

Opponent contact details are published on the Tennis Jeannie website but can only be viewed by other players in the same box league for the duration of the box league round.

Players can print a hard copy of their box league fixture list directly from the Tennis Jeannie website. The fixture list includes opponent contact telephone numbers.

Enter match result

Any player involved in a match can enter a match result.Jeannie sends confirmation to the opponent so that they have the opportunity to object should the match score be entered incorrectly. This facility extends to walk-over claims.

When a result is entered the box league tables are updated instantly and the result is added to the scrolling latest scores panel on the club home page on the Tennis Jeannie website

Results and League Tables

There is a comprehensive results and league table service which enables players to view Grand Prix Race tables, Player Ranking tables as well as standard league tables for the box league in which the player competes. Players can also drill down to view match results for any player which enables them to check out the form of up-coming opponents.

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