Let other players know a little about you
and the type of tennis you want to play

Player Profile

Players must populate their player profile before they areable to use the Tennis Jeannie Find-a-Partner service. Player profile information is presented to club members when they are searching for players to add to their Partner List.

Game Preference

Using a simple tick box players select the social game types they wish to play: singles, doubles or mixed doubles.

When other club members are searching for partners only players who have selected the same game type will appear on the propspective partner list.

General Availability

Players have the opportunity to describe their general availability. The profile form is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Weekdays - Daytime
  2. Weekdays - Evenings
  3. Weekends

When arranging games Tennis Jeannie checks players actual availability on the proposed date and time for the game.

About Me

In this area the player can describe their playing standard and make clear if they are looking for partners for hard core serious tennis drill sessions or relaxed social doubles.

Personal Information

The personal information section is taken from the player's Tennis Jeannie User Account.

Players age is expressed as a broad age band. The age band the player is assigned to is driven by the player's date of birth.

Block Find-a-Partner

Club members can opt out of the Find-a-Partner service.

The names of players who opt of the service never appear on any player search.

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