You tell Jeannie if you want to play singles, doubles mixed
and when you want to play..... Jeannie will do the rest

Arrange Social Tennis Games

Having built a Partner List players can ask Tennis Jeannie to arrange their social tennis games

Social Match Invite

To launch a social match invite players simply inform Tennis Jeannie of the type of game they want to play and when they want to play.

Jeannie checks the availability of the club members on the player's Partner List for the selected game type and prepares a social match invite message. The player can add a personal message to the standard match invite.

The match invite is sent to all players on the invite list. The first player, or players in the case of a doubles or mixed doubles game, who respond get to play. Tennis Jeannie then stands down the other players on the original match invite.

Social Doubles Games

When a player launches a social doubles match invite Jeannie monitors the responses. If too many players decline the match invite it may not be possible to arrange a game even if other open invitations are accepted. In these circumstances Jeannie will notify the players who have accepted and offer to extend the search for more players.

Social Mixed Doubles Games

When organising mixed doubles social games Jeannie does take account of gender when processing player responses to ensure that two men and two ladies arrive on court to play.

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