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Tangerine Box League Season News

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09 January: Entry deadline

16 January: Boxes live

31 March: Season ends

Entriesnow being Accepted

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To Enter the 2012 Tangerine Box League Season log-on and go to [Leagues] then click on
[Entry Forms] on the side menu.

Check that the information on the Entry Form is correct and Add it to the Order Form.

Do not forget to click [Check-Out] to complete the transaction.

Jeannie Ratings Box Leagues

Jeannie Ratings Box Leagues give you the opportunity to play competitive singles against players in the Berkshire area. Match results are submitted to the LTA and will be included in the Winter 2011 Ratings Run.

The Jeannie Ratings Box Leagues are designed for average adult club players who want to play competitive singles and who are interested in developing their LTA Ratings. Junior players are excluded: players must be aged 21 or over.

Separate box league tournaments can be made available for players aged under 21.

Find Out More About Jeannie Ratings Box Leagues

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