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The fastest way to improve your Rating

Why LTA Ratings Matter

When applying to enter Grade 5 and higher level tournaments acceptance is based on player rating; the higher your rating the better your chances of being accepted into the tournament. But here is the catch; you can only improve your Rating by playing matches against players who are the same or higher rated than yourself. But if you can't get into the tournaments how can you improve your rating?

The Ratings Accelerator is the answer.

Benefits of the Ratings Accelerator

  • All players of the same rating and age group are allocated to one box so you will have a large pool of players from which to select opponents. This also means that you will play evenly matched opponents and all wins count as Qualifying Wins.
  • There is no obligation to play a minimum number of matches; play as many or as few as is convenient to you.
  • Play matches on dates and at times that are convenient to you.
  • Players post results on Tennis Jeannie. We upload the results onto the LTA database frequently. You do not have to wait until the end of the tournament before the results are uploaded.
  • As soon as a player is notified of a ratings promotion they will be moved to a new box appropriate to their new rating. As a consquence many players double jump a ratings band each Tennis Jeannie Season.
  • Tennis Jeannie tools help you arrange your matches:
    • You tell Jeannie when you want to play and she will find you an opponent.
    • You select an Opponent and Jeannie will find a mutually convenient date and time for a match.

Changes to LTA Ratings Rules

In April 2011 the LTA announced important changes the Ratings system which are designed to make it easier and quicker for 10.2 to 9.1 players to progress through the ratings bands. Now players only need to play and record 4 wins against an opponent who has the same rating or higher. The 4 match wins do not have to be recorded within a singles Ratings period. So, for example, wins from the Summer Season can be carried forward into the Winter Season.

Seasons / Rounds

The Surrey Ratings AcceleratorLeague has four seasons per year:

  1. Summer
  2. Autumn
  3. Winter
  4. Spring

Results Upload

The results of matches will be uploaded approximately every two weeks which means that your Rating will change more quickly because you do not have to wait until the end of the Round for your qualifying wins to be recorded.

Box Design

All players of the same LTA Rating and Age Group (12U / 14U) will be assigned to the same box. Note 11U players will be assigned to the 12U box and 13U players to the 14U box. This means that there will be a large pool of players in each box giving you the opportunity to play plenty of matches. If the number of players in a LTA Rating / Age Group is too large we will split the box on geography.

Your Tennis Jeannie online Fixture List will indicate where players normally play their tennis so you can elect to just play opponents close to home or travel further to help you accelerate through the LTA Ratings bands more quickly. The choice is yours.

Players are not expected to play all matches.

LTA Rating Promotion

The LTA send players email notification when they have been promoted to the next Ratings Band. Players should inform Jeannie Support via the Mail / Contacts facility on the Tennis Jeannie website when they have a new rating. Arrangements will then be made to move the player immediately to a new box appropriate to the player's new rating.

This means that a player could accelerate through multiple Ratings Bands in the same Season.

Arranging Matches

Players arrange matches on dates and at times that are mutually convenient.

Opponent contact details are availble on your Fixture List. You can also send messages to opponents via the Tennis Jeannie website. But the smart way to arrange matches is to ask Jeannie to do it for you. You tell Jeannie when you want to play and she will find you an opponent.


Players decide where a match is to be played. Note that the home player has the obligation to pay any guest or court fees and provide the tennis balls. If the match is played on a neutral venue the costs are shared.

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