How to use the main Tennis Jeannie functions

Diary Setup

Rather than call each of your opponents to give them a list of dates when you can play enter the dates / times into your Tennis Jeannie Diary. Then as timeslots get booked for matches they are automatically removed from the list of dates you have made available for matches.

Setting up your Tennis Jeannie Diary is the secret to getting your matches played. It is the application of sound time manage practices.

It is not intended that you maintain your Diary everytime something changes in your weekly schedule. Think of the Diary as a tool to enable you to advertise the dates and times when you want to play.

Follow these simple steps, which only takes a few minutes, and it will save you so much time over the course of the Box League Round.

You might find it useful to view the "Demo - How to organsie your Diary" section before proceeding.

Step 1 - Create a template for typical week

Go to the next available blank week in your Diary.

Mark-up the days / times when you are generally not available. Thinking about your normal week block out the times when you are at work or have regular commitments - if so block out the timeslots.

Note you can block out individual timeslots by clicking on the cell; block out days and block out weeks with one click.

Click on the [Set Template] button.


Step 2 - Apply Template

Navigate to the next week and click Apply Template and Submit the changes.

Repeat for all of the weeks up until the end of the Box League Round.

Step 3 - Block out ad-hoc events

Now return to the first week of the box league round and block out any known events such business trips and holidays.

Step 4 - Mark Up Available Timeslots

So far you have blocked out all the dates and times when you can not play matches.; now you need to let your opponents know when you are available to play your matches.

Starting with the first week of the round mark up the dates / timeslots when you would like to play. Just click on the timeslot cell until it turns yellow. When done click Submit Changes.

Then move to the next week and repeat the process to identify the dates /  times when you can play.

Continue to the last week of the round.

Note that it is ok to leave some timeslot cells white which indicates that you Maybe available.



Step 5 - How many Timeslots = Available?

Over the period of a box league round you should ideally have twice as many Available timeslots as you have matches to play so as to give your opponents a choice. For example if you have 4 matches to play you should have at least 8 timeslots marked as Available.

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