How to use the main Tennis Jeannie functions

Opponent Contact Details

Opponent contact details are published on your Contact List under Mail and on your Fixture List.

Note that you can only view the contact details of the opponents in your box and only for the duration of the box league round.


Contact Information

The Contact Card shows the opponent's "preferred" contact number should the opponent have entered multiple telephone numbers on their user account.

Junior Players

If you are a junior player competing in the Ratings Accelerator note that the opponents Home Venue is displayed on the Contact Card.

 Opponent Contact Card

 Send Message to Opponent

To send a message to an opponent click on the [GO] button or the "Send message to Player Name" link on the Contact Card.

Jeannie will open a text box. Type your message and click the [Send] button.

Your message will be posted to the players Inbox and Jeannie will send your opponent a You Have Mail email.

 Send Message to Opponent

Find a Contact Card via Mail

You need to be logged-on.  Click [Mail] then [Contacts].

If you play in multiple box league tournaments all opponents' contact details will be listed here. If there are many players on your Contacts List use the Last Name or First Name filter tools to search for the contact card.

Find opponents contact details via the Mail menu


Find a Contact Card via Fixture List

You can navigate to your fixture list by clicking [Leagues] then [Fixture List] on the side menu.

Click on the Telephone icon to open the Contact Card.

Find opponent contact details via your Fixture List 
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